How to use Augmented Reality for Early Learners



Augmented Reality

The coming of augmented reality opens endless possibilities for human engagement. Augmented reality has changed the way students interact and learn. Augmented reality technology has made its presence felt in the fields of gaming, marketing and advertising. It has also made a significant presence in the field of education opening up new ways and methods to make learning more fun, creative, engaging and interactive for children, both inside and outside the classroom. AR technology has further enabled the digital and physical world to come together, hence creating a mesmerizing learning experience for early learners.

Augmented Reality and Education

Education in the child’s early years is critical. It is important to provide them with learning experiences that satisfy their curiosity and helps them further explore their environment at home or in school as well as encourage their imagination. We can achieve this if children experience success and develop a positive attitude towards learning. The role of technology in education has increased in the past few years. There are many programmes and applications to choose from. However, we do see that there are a few apprehensions about using modern technology to teach children. We do not see it being effectively adapted by facilitators. What could be the reason for this? Society does not always welcome new technology with great enthusiasm. We sometimes see it as a threat to professionals. But what we need to understand here is that the use of augmented reality in education pushes children to explore and learn more. It also helps facilitators to engage better with children and make them learn the content in a new and fun way. This is exactly the goal while working with children in the early years.

Technology and Early Development

One more reason could be the apprehensions related to the exposure of technology at an early age? Here we can say that children of the present generation are already exposed to some form of digital technology at a very early age. The use of smartphones and tablets is very common. These things are no longer a luxury but a necessity in recent times. The use of technology is common in every household and people are using it to stay connected with family and friends. If we look at the bigger picture, the role of augmented reality would expand a lot in the coming years. Augmented reality’s presence would be visible in every walk of life. Thus, it puts even more responsibility on us to equip our young ones for the future. Hence, it is important for us to create avenues/experiences of AR in their daily lives.

AR and Educators

If we take into account early learners, augmented reality is not limited to one area. It is clear that the rising popularity of augmented reality in education will push children to learn and explore more. AR technology is also useful to parents and teachers. We can equip books and applications with features of augmented reality to help parents involve themselves in early learning. Teachers, on the other hand, can make learning more dynamic, creative and fun with augmented reality in class. What fun can it be if children get worksheets which they can see, feel and hear after completing? Thus, the role of technology increases. Technology here does not try to curb the imagination or curiosity of children, rather, it enhances it. Thus, we also need to choose wisely and help children reap the benefits that the world of augmented reality has to offer.

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