Augmented Reality – Its Scope and Use


Augmented Reality

Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Augmented reality can be considered one of the most crucial advancement in the field of technology in the modern times as it is a combination of digital and real world in the form of live video imagery that is digitally reinforced with computer-generated graphics. You must have heard about Microsoft’s HoloLens and Facebook’s Oculus VR by now. Experts in the field predicted that by 2025, everybody’s life would be touched by the magical effects of augmented reality.

Let’s understand the current status of the use of augmented reality. AR has been around since many years but it gained a bit of popularity among common masses only after android and iOS phones became accessible. The gaming apps further increased its popularity but it is important to note here that the use of augmented reality is not just restricted to gaming. Its presence can be felt in many other areas too like tourism, advertising, defense, medicine, education, etc.

Augmented Reality has transformed a traveler’s experience by making their journey much smoother, simpler and easier. Accessing a hotel’s information and taking virtual tours of the hotel room and amenities has been made possible.

The Heads up Display (HUD) is the most ideal example of augmented reality when it comes to the use of technology in the field of defense. The HUD helps to get crucial information about the opponent’s movement.The technology of augmented reality is going to play a pivotal role in the future of medicine. In the year 2014, the Cleveland Clinic and Western Reserve University teamed up with Microsoft. The purpose was to develop education application for Microsoft’s HoloLens. It allows the user to explore the biological system and build in depth knowledge. It can surely help the medical students and professionals in the field.

Augmented reality has also revolutionized the area of advertising and marketing in a big way. It gives brands an opportunity to integrate the digital experience to the real world which makes it appealing to all the generations. The strategies are made in such a way that it attracts small children as well as their grandparents. It establishes an everlasting connection with the consumers, thereby bringing huge sales and profit to business.

AugmentedAugmented reality in the education sector is growing rapidly. We see its rapid growth in the form of AR books and apps. These apps which can easily operate in an android and an iOS phone have made it accessible to many children. WizarKids is one such app that aims to provide an interactive 4D experience to children possible through the magical effects of AR. The use of AR inside classrooms has also began to take fast leaps. Educators and people involved in the sector of content development feel that there is a need to provide children with an immersive, active and a dynamic content which can be possible through the features of augmented reality. The use of augmented reality explains the powerful visualization power that a human brain has. We have experienced a lot of it in the field of technology and it would be amazing to see what more is still left to be explored.

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