Augmented Reality & Perceptions


Augmented Reality & Perceptions
There is no denying of the fact that children learn the best in an environment that gives them an exposure to experience most of the learning’s practically. At the same time it is equally important that these experiences have to be very active and engaging in nature. The question arises- Is it actually possible for a teacher to bring such experiences to the class? Is it actually possible for her to take her children to the animal safari while doing a topic on animal with the tiny tots?

Till about 3 years back, the Augmented Reality was known by a very limited population all around the world. The components in this technology also suffered setbacks and as a result many apps that promised the magical effects of augmented reality failed to satisfy its consumers. Thanks to the constant research and development in the area we see a lot of development and good response for the technology. The technology has marked its presence in the fields of gaming, marketing and advertising. Its presence has also been seen in the field of education, and has opened up many new additional ways and methods to make learning more fun, creative and interactive for children in the class. It has further enabled the bridging of digital and physical world together.

Over a time, the augmented reality apps became accessible. They can be accessed by anyone who has access to an android or an iphones. The apps are also designed in a way that not much space is acquired by an app. However, it is important to note her that there is still a gap. The gap is the thought or the idea of letting children get exposed to this technology. Parents and educators still feel that recommending such apps to their children or students would only encourage them to spend more time in front of the screen. However, the reality is not so. Children need to be continuously provided with content that fulfills their need of knowledge and at the same time is engaging and appealing for them.

Augmented Reality & PerceptionsNo educator can be successful in delivering their best if they are not able to grab the attention of students. Here, augmented reality comes as a support for them. The concern using technology safely is also crucial. There are apps that also run in a n offline mode making it safe and risk-free for children. WizarKids app is one such app in the recent times. At WizarKids, a lot of emphasis is given that children become self learners at an early age by using technology to the best. The app runs on an offline mode making it safe for the child to browse it even if their parents are not around for some time.
It’s important that we expose children to the newer form of technology. Looking at the bigger picture, it would help children to expand their creativity and imagination and think beyond the traditional ways.

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