IOS & AR Seeing reality through technology


Dr. Helen Papagiannis said, “AR is no longer just about the technology, it’s about living in the real world and creating magical and meaningful experiences that are human centered.” The coming of ios11 in iPhone 8 in September 2017 made this feel true.We humans love to imagine and there is no end to it. The more we imagine the more is the hunger to create. Did we ever think in 1990s that our brains could create something like an iPhone that we see today? iOS11 is being considered as the world’s largest AR platform. It is AR enabled and the apps create mesmerizing and captivating experiences that go far beyond the mobile screens. The cameras are designed to understand the elements of 3D which makes AR experience more impressive, useful and forceful.

It would be correct to say that phones are no longer just for conversations. AR apps like IKEA Place and Housecraft can help you to design your own place without physically buying furniture but simply imagining them and placing them in your room. Apps like Measure Kit takes precise measurements of rooms. These are some apps that have made a lot of news.

AR technology has spread its wings in the field of gaming, marketing and advertising and also in education. Did you know that there are AR educational apps already available in the market which could make learning a totally different level of experience for your child? WizarKids is one such app. It is AR enabled and focuses on providing high quality AR experience for toddlers and children. It has flashcards, games, story books, picture books and colouring books to name a few. It focuses on important skills like language building, expanding creativity and imagination of a child and increasing their attention.

We all agree that a big percentage of children are visual learners. WizarKids also aims to transform the learning for the Gen-Z learner’s trough the use of AR. As the user scans the image on a flashcard or a book they can see the characters, their environment and also their sounds. This builds curiosity in the children and also makes learning much more interactive, engaging and intensive. So why to make learning a burdensome experience for children when we can provide them with such amazing experiences?

With technology also comes responsibility. So, at WIZAR, a lot of emphasis is also given that children become self learners at an early age and at the same not learn to abuse but to use technology. The app runs on an offline mode once you have downloaded it making it safe for the child to browse it even if their parents are not around for some time.

Greg Taylor has very rightly said, “We are moving from passive digital to the purely experiential. To your body, to your psyche…………these experiences are very real”. A lot is being done in this field but a lot more is still expected. We see new advancements happening everyday so it would be good to see what more the AR world has to offer us.

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