WIZAR In Education – Adding New Dimensions To Learning


Human mind has always been a curious one. We have tirelessly worked for the advancement and invention of new technology to improve and enhance our daily lives. The coming of Augmented Reality as AR in recent times is one such example. The technology has marked its presence in the fields of gaming, marketing and advertising. Its presence has also been seen in the field of education, and has opened up many new additional ways and methods to make learning more fun, creative and interactive for children in the class. It has further enabled the coming of digital and physical world together which helps a classroom become more engaging for children than their previous generations.
Children of the present generation are exposed to some form of digital technology at an early age. The use of smartphones is very common in each household and people are connected to social platforms and different ways in which they connect to their family and friends. So, will it be correct to consider the use of AR in classrooms for children? Or, is the use of AR technology in classrooms only important to create dynamic environment in the class? Let’s look at the bigger picture. AR in a few years would expand a lot and would be visible in every walk of life. It thus, puts more responsibility on our shoulders to prepare our children for their future. Hence, it is important for us to create avenues/experiences of this tech in their daily lives.
The use of AR in education has brought new shifts to the old ways and patterns of teaching. It helps to get the student’s interest in class and supports them in learning and enhancing their imagination. Reading/studying about the human heart in a diagram and experiencing it in 3D in front of our eyes makes difference. This is what WIZAR does. It would not be incorrect to say that it surely would generate much more curiosity among children to know things in depth.

OrangeThis also puts us under the responsibility to check the content, as it holds importance. The best of content would bring more value to AR technology. Schools have always focused on basic computer skills as a part of their curriculum for many years. It is also time to integrate it in the lives of children.
In recent times, Governments of countries like USA, France, South Korea, UAE and China are investing and allocating funds to strengthen the use of AR in the field of education. This further makes them more responsible to not just work towards achieving the best of technology but also to ensure that it reaches all and is accessible by all.

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